International Water Bank “IWB” – The World’s First Water Bank. MAI Resources International “MAI” is behind this world class initiative

International Water Bank – IWB “Brochure – November 2019”

A Global Leader in Water Resources Management and Bulk Water Transport. MAI Resources International was behind a World Class initiative of Establishing The First International Bank in The World for Water, which is currently under incorporation and the first stage has been completed in incorporating the bank –  (The International Water Bank “IWB”)

 This world class initiative was supported by MAI Resources International who financed all early stages expenses related to this international initiative including the feasibility study. The International Water Bank “IWB” will play a significant role in the sustainable development of the water sector around the world at all levels and will be a global leader in its field. The IWB will be the 1st of it’s kind in the world targeting investing in key water projects while addressing global water stress issues and promoting better practices. The International Water Bank Mission is to reduce water stress, improve water security, quality and access across countries in need, through environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, while providing superior investor returns.  International Water Bank is a registered trademark and patented of MAI Resources International 

Years Ago, No One Thought About it As a World Necessity, We Did! Our Aim Is To Provide “Water For The World”  

The International Water Bank 

“Our Aim is to Provide Finance and Solutions to The Water Industry Worldwide”

Below Pics – The International Water Bank Board Members Meetings in Paris & Washington DC – USA
The Official Video Presentation Of  "The International Water Bank " in English and Arabic Languages...

The International Water Bank will become a defining moment in Human History, It will Bring Together Knowledge, Technology and Financing To Invest in One of Today’s Greatest Challenges – The Scarcity of Water 

The Bank’s Mission is to provide integral solutions to people’s need for water Globally and to support sustainable development of the water resources management and our focus is to improve people’s conditions and livelihood

Water is LIFE – Today’s world needs a great management of one of the most important resources for human beings. Today’s water stress is one of the greatest challenges as population growth tremendously, shifting from rural to urban livings and world population will increase from 7 Billion to 9 Billion soon, it is more important than ever to find solutions for clean water for people, for agriculture and for industrial purposes. With that in mind today, The International Water Bank is coming to LIFE. It will be starting to provide the financial services and the knowledge that are necessaries to address these important challenges that the world is facing today.  
Juan Jose Daboub
Former Managing Director of The World Bank
Chairman Of The Board  – The International Water Bank

Juan Jose Daboub

The International Water Bank will bring financial knowledge and technology to the water industry worldwide. It will address one of the most important challenges that we face today which is the shortages of water and the improper water resources management –  For the first time it will create a true partnership between the private and public sector, being The First Bank in the World For Water. By the year 2030, the amount of fund needed for the water sector will be in excess of US$ 1.4 Trillion. The International Water Bank will play a major role with other world organizations and institutions who are working in the water industry – The shortage of finance is the main reason for the water sector not to be developed on a world scale level…  
Rashad Shawa
Chairman Of The Founders Committee
Vice Chairman Of The Board – The International Water Bank
Chairman Of MAI Resources
Member Of The World Water Counc

Rashad Shawa

The International Water Bank is about providing finance to raise money for one of the biggest need for people’s on earth. Financing Water – It is about doing good and doing well – Marrying commercial performance, financial return and strong impact on the world. The International Water Bank will bring for the first time a true constructive partnership between the public and private sector and aim to assist countries to develop their water infrastructure and companies to develop their businesses. 
Bertrand Badre
Former CFO Of The World Bank
Board Member – International Water Bank

Bertrand Badre

Mai Resources International (Switzerland) AG is an international water company based in Switzerland, owns major Water Concessions and Rights in many countries and in several continents around the world. Soon the company will be transporting water to countries in need and to Natural Disasters Areas around the world.     Water For The World Video, By MAI Resources International, Switzerland “English Copy” and “Arabic Copy”

company based in Switzerland, owns major Water Concessions and Rights in many countries and in several continents around the world. Soon the company will be transporting water to countries in need and to Natural Disasters Areas around the world.     Water For The World Video, By MAI Resources International,Switzerland “English Copy” and “Arabic Copy”

Mai Resources International (Switzerland) AG is specialized in Water Resources Management and The Supply of Potable Water around the world through incorporating separate companies in each country where it obtains the concession as well as joint ventures opportunities.  MAI (Switzerland) is proud to be the only company in the world with such a business model under one roof.  MAI (Switzerland) vision is to be a world leader in water concessions management and bulk water transportation. 

MAI Resources International will own the 1st MEGA TANKER in the world which will have on board a water desalination plant operated by Reverse Osmosis in order to produce 30 Million Gallons of fresh water daily with storage capacity to reach 30 Million Gallons. The tanker can dock in the deep water and pump directly to water tanks based on lands or to strategic reservoirs. This MEGA Tanker will have a very big role during disasters, earthquakes and catastrophes. 

The company owns two subsidiaries: MAI Concessions International and MAI Tankers International.  

MAI Concessions will obtain a number of strategically located sustainable concessions which will be of a great asset value to hold for the future and at the same time assist in a continuous chain of water supply globally. 

MAI Tankers will handle the strategic supply of global bulk water that is geared towards specific needs of countries, private sector and world organizations, spanning from water supply for strategic   reasons, refilling depleted aquifers, government needs for emergency supply and for disaster relief in need of drinking water.

MAI Resources International (Switzerland) AG will explore, own and secure further strategic water resources and concessions around the globe and will facilitate these resources to state-owned or commercial users and to NGO’s. MAI Resources International (Switzerland) AG also plans direct investments in operations and sustainable opportunities in the water industry and will deal with all water companies and organizations around the world for the aim of helping everyone to have a secure supply of the most valuable commodity in life.

Mai International Mission & Vision 

  • To become a global leader in water resources management and bulk water transport (extraction, purification, distribution and logistics).
  • To establish a unique international presence with cooperation between private sectors and governments in securing fresh drinking water resources and transporting water to nations with water scarcity, United Nations projects, NGO’s, and in case of disaster relief to help world organizations such as The United Nations, the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and others “to receive Bulk Fresh Water in large volume quantities at a very short period of time in order to avoid Thirst & Hunger” .
  • To play a major role between governments and the private sector in terms of water management and investments.
  • To be fully committed to social responsibility and social impact.
  • To be in line with the Clinton Initiative and with the World Water Counsel requirements.
  • To help water rich countries that will grant us concessions in all their water needs of the discharged water to the sea and from water sources, to grant them additional water security for their own benefit and for the benefit of water stressed countries.

Rewritten by YHF November 12, 2019 

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